Zen Family Yoga

The Zen Lab at Studio L

4 North Street

Waldwick, NJ

Text/Call: 917-626-7071

The teen program at the Zen Lab at Studio L is year-round because teens who do yoga and have more Zen in their lives.  With teen anxiety and suicide on the rise, I have dedicated my life to making sure that teens know I am a resource to them for yoga, meditation and building new coping and communication skills. I feel it's my small part of changing the world to help teens build emotional maturity and learn law of attraction and positive thinking. I have to believe that teens can recognize that suicide isn't an option for them because they can learn new skills of connecting with their source energy so they don't feel alone and their sad feelings can get better with time, hard work and support.

I have big plans to broaden my teen education nationally/internationally and am manifesting being the next Tony Robbins for teens. I am launching the first teen radio live call-in program this summer which is a Sunday weekly program where teens call in to discuss their issues and i will help them along with my expert guests. My teen self-help book called "I'm a Work in Progress" is launching this October! Little by little, I am making progress to change teens' lives. I have many teens who underwent my program who are available to talk or text to your teen about my Zen program. 

To me, the Zen Lab teen program is the perfect mix between learning about your body through yoga, breathing and alignment, life skills, communication skills, learning how to not project your feelings onto others, learning coping skills for anxiety and depression, making new friends who are all learning how to become vulnerable and "real" together without judgments, and having fun just like at a summer camp.

A Zen Teen Community is developed, as it's part of my vision with Zen. I would love to add your teen! She or he build like-minded friendships that are true to the soul. Teen and teen/mom retreats with the launch of my new teen self-help book/workbook will launch this Fall!

I am eternally grateful to watch amazing teens grow each moment while they are at Zen. As each teen is different, each teen will benefit in a different way from the Zen programs. ​Teens who are in the program have opportunities to work Zen birthday parties and get tips.

At Zen, teens learn proper alignment and posture, yoga poses, yoga philosophy, law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, the power of listening to how the body feels in situations, what it means to be emotionally mature, and how to be true to yourself. We learn how to breathe properly and slowly and breathe as we move and sit. Teens learn how to present themselves to the world in the written word and in person.

I, along with other experts I bring in, will teach mat and aerial yoga disciplines, proper alignment/flow, breathing techniques, and how to become yoga instructors. This is a specially designed yoga program i created just for the teen. The teens learn powerful life lessons and coping skills that will take them through their entire lives. 

Program includes:

-Yoga class with emphasis on alignment, breath and benefits of each pose


-Aerial silks play

-Balance boards play 

-Openness; no judgments ever at Zen

-Women building up other women (a true queen helps fix the crowns of other women)

-Making ourselves the best version of ourselves every day