Become Part of Our Zen Lab Family!

$20 per class or sign up from Sept-June 15 for only $765!

Text Shari to reserve your spot at 917-626-7071 or sign up at 

Mom/me classes is $25 for one mom/one child plus $5 for additional family members 

Family fun nights is $35 per immediate family and $10 per additional friends/family members 

Family Yoga & Aerial Silks Privates

$75 per immediate family or $550 for an 8-pack

Each class includes aerial instruction and yoga class with meditation, barre yoga work

One hour

​Each additional person outside immediate family who joins private is $15

Deep Tissue Energy Healing - kids, teens, adults

$75 per private or $550 for an 8-pack

Great for anxiety, stress and pain reduction in back, hips, shoulders, neck and headaches

Yoga Therapy - kids, teens, adults, couples 

$75 per hour or $550 for an 8-pack, We use yoga principals and philosophy (while in yoga poses or the aerial silks) to discuss relationship with self and others and help increase communication skills. People who dedicate their time to yoga therapy are sure to grow more in love with their lives, become more aware of feelings, emotions, bodies and how our body parts and mind are all one. Yoga therapy helps decrease projection of our own feelings onto others. Yoga therapy helps with anger management and builds coping skills to manage stress, anxiety and sadness/depression. 

Class Descriptions

Aerial Dance: Kids, teens and adults learn how to breathe as they move and dance on the aerial silks. No previous dance experience required! You will learn how to ground your feet and how to use your tailbone to float. Participants build strength, flexibility and learn how to move their bodies with ease and grace. The goal is for the participates to move their bodies beautifully and translate their learnings into their daily lives. Show at the end of year for the kids!

Family Yoga: Families learn mat yoga, proper body alignment and aerial yoga. All learn proper alignment in a fun way. Class ends with an aerial play and floating meditation, so the kids and parents leave relaxed, rejuvenated and happy.

Parent & Me Yoga: Bond with your child as you both learn yoga. Most important is the adult getting a yoga class which the child observes and participates when she/he can. Class is engaging, fun and relaxing. Parents learn how to breathe in the midst of a little chaos.

Preschool/Kindergarden Yoga: Exposing the younger kids to yoga and meditation early on helps them build lifelong coping skills to manage emotions and behaviors. Class is fun with use of aerial silks, balance boards and mat yoga class. Each week, we learn something new about our bodies to increase awareness and focus.

Boys and Men’s Yoga: More and more boys and men are recognizing the need to increase flexibility to avoid injuries and increase mobility. This class is designed to help with back pain, awareness of how the body is connected and stretching.

Couples Yoga: Intimacy develops deeper with this couples yoga class, designed to make the couples feel good doing something together. Kick off the week with a “date hour” learning yoga together while a babysitter plays with your kids!

Zen Family Yoga Pricing

Zen Family Yoga

The Zen Lab at Studio L

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Waldwick, NJ

Text/Call: 917-626-7071