From The Owner

Zen Family Yoga

The Zen Lab at Studio L

4 North Street

Waldwick, NJ

Text/Call: 917-626-7071

Dear Yogis/New yogis to be:

Thank you for visiting Zen. I am grateful to provide a space for you and your family to learn the beauty of yoga and aerial yoga. Yoga changed my life. It slowed my busy mind down.... gave me a new body strength that I didn't realize I still had after two babies.... calmed my anxiety through learning how to breathe correctly and de-tense my body parts.... gave me my "before babies" shoulders back..... returned my confidence and inner strength that I didn't realize I had lost during my unfortunate difficult marriage. Before yoga, I didn't realize happiness comes from within. Yoga taught me about emotional maturity and how to connect with my source energy when I feel "off." I love the way my body is changing and reshaping as I become stronger and breathe as I move my body.

I built Zen Family Yoga after seeing how yoga changed me. I thought "wow, everybody needs this."  I feel people may not practice yoga because of time, finances or intimidation. I was intimidated walking into a yoga studio because of my own insecurities and judgments of thinking yoga is about standing on my head. I am breaking down those barriers by offering yoga at an affordable price, in a space that is welcoming, and offering different times for private classes that is convenient for you. I love introducing families and individuals to the life-changing yoga journey ... 

The Zen Lab at Studio L is an environment that does not judge anyone. We ALL have our own struggles and flaws, and Zen is a space to come connect with yourself so that you can learn how to deal with your life in a healthy way.  My Zen Kids and Zen Teens programs offer a safe place where cliques are discouraged and we talk about feelings/emotions and how to deal with them via yoga philosophy. 

My background is 25 years in the communications and public relations. I take my communications skills and apply them to my yoga classes, books and meditations. So, not only will you learn the beautiful yoga practice at the Zen Lab, but you will gain a new perspective on behaviors and build strong communications skills.

With social media, it's more important than ever that teens and kids learn to understand their emotions and become a witness to them, so they not react and have the coping skills necessary to combat negativity from others. In my new self-help book for teens, called "I'm a Work in Progress" teens learn how to manage stress and anxiety and build emotional intelligence and communications skills. 

What I  have learned these past few years:

Take time to feel your feelings; the answer comes to you if you take time to listen/feel how your insides feel. If you feel good and light, do more of it. If you feel heavy and depressed, do less of it.

Take time to think and meditate. If your mind can't slow down, come visit Zen Lab and I will work with you. It is possible.

Breathe…. deeply and with intention to fill your entire body with oxygen flow and positive vibes. Exhale the toxins, negative feelings and stale air. At Zen Lab, we focus a lot on connecting our breath to our movements. Everything gets better in your life when these are connected. 

Be present. If your mind wanders while in the present, take a moment to pause, breathe, connect and get centered. Give yourself permission to come back to the present moment. Feel the moment.

You can achieve more than you think. Believe in yourself, and in the power of prayer, meditation, sitting still and going inward for direction.

Be grateful and lead your life with love.  The opposite of love is fear. If fear is holding you back from being the "true you," come to aerial yoga at the Zen Lab and we will work on that.

Check your motives. If motive is positive, great. If motive is negative, don't do it. Change your thinking to positive and loving. Forgive when possible. 

Eat cleanly, lots of veggies and fruit. Try quinoa instead of pasta. Boil quinoa in chicken broth for a nice side dish topped with butter spray or olive oil and beans/lemons, cucumbers and other veggies.

Try to avoid toxic chemicals on your skin. 

Practice yoga daily, even on your bed at home…. Linger where it feels good (Thank you for teaching me that, Tara Stiles)

Lead with your heart, the rest will follow. 

​Look forward to getting Zen with you...........xoxo Shari