Zen Family Yoga

The Zen Lab at Studio L

4 North Street

Waldwick, NJ

Text/Call: 917-626-7071

The Zen Lab at Studio L works with you & your child to design the perfect party! Our 820-foot space turns into the perfect venue for a fun and cheery birthday party.  All ages can do yoga and aerial yoga parties from toddlers on up! 

Zen has orchestrated more than 75 birthday parties since we opened in April 2015. I find it extremely fulfilling to teach kids' yoga, and witness their transformation to when they enter Zen to when they depart home.  Everyone is a little more relaxed, a little more happy.... a little more Zen :)  

The kids always leave Zen with a message to remember, such as breathing as they move, no fists before bedtime, positive thinking, etc. We ensure every party has a special and different message. I especially love our ritual of telling the birthday girl/boy one thing we love about them, all while doing the pigeon pose in a circle or while we eat pizza. 

Kids enter the Zen Lab seeing the aerial swings or our yoga surf boards. Each child is welcomed with a smile and and fun as other kids make their way in. Once kids settle, we do a structured yoga class, meditation with foot rubs, then learn some Aerial silks tricks. Added activities are yoga freeze dance and a craft. For an additional fee of $5 per child, we do facials, energy healing and extend your party by 30 minutes. 

Parties are a flat rate of $400 for 12 kids and birthday girl/boy is free  (plus $10 more each child and $15 tip for each teen helper). Party is 1.5 hours. Parties come with one slice of pizza and one water per child. All additional pizzas and waters will be charged at $10 per pie and $5 for additional waters per 10 kids. Parents are responsible for bringing the cake or cupcake, desert plates and candles. Parties can last two for an additional $50.

Please text the Zen Lab owner, Shari, to make an appointment or mark the date. (917) 626-7071. 
$200  non refundable fee to hold your party date. Thank you for choosing Zen Lab at Studio L for your child's special day!

Birthday Parties