Zen Family Yoga

The Zen Lab at Studio L

4 North Street

Waldwick, NJ

Text/Call: 917-626-7071

Carving out time to build your inner strength will enable you to be the best you. It's OK if you are not that flexible. Flexibility comes in time and practice. Yoga is a practice, which means you get more limber each time and you start to really feel each part of your body and your connection to the universe source energy. You will get where you want to be at the Zen Lab. 

Being upside down like this helps the body create space and get leaner and longer.  Aerial Yoga helps with building inner strength and letting go of fear and control. I support and guide you so that it's a relaxing and stretching/opening exercise. Simply, aerial yoga feels really good, and feeling good should be shared with your loved ones. We are never too old for aerial yoga.

"Me" Time

Upside DownTime

Family Time

At Zen Lab, we throw intimidation out the window and work with each person to learn proper body alignment and breath. Yoga and aerial yoga is a process, and we must trust the process. We all are beginners at one time. At Zen Lab, families enjoy yoga together as well as individually. Kids love it because it's quality time with their parents. Given social media, kids learning yoga and emotional maturity early is the best gift. The Zen Lab teaches yoga, aerial yoga, emotional intelligence, how to meditate and how to communicate based on how you feel and how to be authentic and positive.  

A New Family Ritual