Zen Family Yoga

21 Arch Street

Studio B

Ramsey, NJ

Text/Call: 917-626-7071

Kids Yoga Summer Camp at Zen - 9:30-11 daily during week in July and second two weeks in August.

Reserve your spot by texting me at 917-626-7071

Your child will build inner strength and confidence while practicing at Zen Family Yoga.  At each class and camp, we will teach your child yoga poses, aerial tricks, yoga philosophy, importance of proper breathing, good posture, positive thinking and how to focus. Your child will build coping skills to deal with anxiety, stress and communication breakdowns. 

At Zen, the kids work on being kind to others and build each other up.  At each Zen experience, your children will never be judged and never left out. Yoga teaches us to look internally and compete only against ourselves. The kids learn how to have more awareness of their bodies, minds and surroundings. Ideally, they will think twice about how they breathe and how they react in a stressful situation. 

We teach the kids to have compassion and patience for themselves. As we know, it's not easy to learn yoga, but at Zen we have fun doing it and learn it the "adult way."  Zen's philosophy with kids is that they learn yoga poses just as adults do. They will learn proper body alignment and moving with the breath.

If you practice yoga with your child, you will teach her/him coping skills for how to handle stressful situations. They will learn  to relax and get centered before a test, for example.  Zen yoga teaches children how to build their own foundation, and that success is built on a strong foundation. Your children will learn how to get grounded, look inward for answers, become more balanced and walk tall with good posture.

Zen Family Yoga welcomes feedback to how to make the Zen environment even better for your children. Our mission is for everyone to enjoy the beauty and transformation of yoga. Zen is working with parents, teachers and our community to determine how yoga can help our children - creating space in their minds, bodies and souls to help deal with anxiety, depression and focus and confidence issues.​ We have wonderful summer camps (see camp section) and hold fabulous birthday parties (see birthday party section).

Zen Kids