Become Part of Our Zen Family

Zen's Fall Season schedule is September 11-December 15

$20 per class or $200 for the season for one aerial class per week ($250 for two classes, $300 for three classes)

Text Shari to reserve your aerial at 917-626-7071

Adult Membership (includes aerial as our Fall introductory offer)

unlimited classes with Shari is $250 for the season (September 11-December 15)

Family Privates

$70 per immediate family or $550 for a 10-pack

Each class includes aerial instruction and yoga class

One hour per class

​Each additional person outside immediate family are $10

Teen and Adult Energy healing privates

$70 per person or $550 for a 10-pack

Great for anxiety, stress and pain from sports/activities/life!

Yoga Couples Yoga Therapy

$100 per hour or $800 for a 10-pack, couples have weekly private yoga class, as we discuss issues in the relationship and ways to solve communication breakdowns. Couples who dedicate their time to yoga are sure to grow more in love with eachother, learn how to live their lives more open and free of projecting feelings onto eachother. 

Teen Yoga Therapy

$70 per hour or $550 for a 10-pack

Talk therapy as we review yoga ethics and poses and swing on the aerial with some fun. Hanging upside down while discussing feelings is the way to go because the kid is relaxes and feels safe. Each child gets a "yoga diagnosis" to where yoga will help them grow and overcome obstacles. 

Zen Family Yoga Pricing

Zen Family Yoga

21 Arch Street

Studio B

Ramsey, NJ

Text/Call: 917-626-7071