Introducing Zen Teens!

SUMMER CAMP DAILY 11AM-4PM (Text to sign up) $299 per week

Upcoming Fall Schedule:

teen yoga/aerial silks class Wed, Thurs & Friday 3:30-6. Come right after school to do yoga, get a massage, do homework ... simple way to transition into family evening time

(every other Saturday night Is "Teen Night" at Zen 6-10 pm!)

Zen is the teen's home away from home.  A place to relax.  Breathe. Feel heard and understood by like-minded peers. Play, Hang upside down, Learn about their bodies. Sit with good posture. Learn yoga, meditation, aerial silks, barre yoga. Play with Zen's balance/surf boards.

Zen teens learn how to move their bodies and connect breath to their movements... this helps manage anxiety, build inner strength and confidence, sharpen focus and increase awareness. Teens learn to value patience as they learn their yoga poses, which leads to having compassion for oneself and others. The Zen experience will provide a new understanding of how to have proper relationships with oneself and others. Teens begin their lifelong  spiritual journey with Zen and their yoga practice helps each teen stay on their own path. Text Shari (917)626-7071 to schedule a personal visit to Zen!

Carving out time to build your inner strength will enable you to be the best you. It's OK if you are "not that flexible." Yoga is a practice, and you get there with Zen Family Yoga. In studio and home privates & classes available.

Starting a new family ritual of YOGA is fun. Yoga helps build inner strength and coping skills. Simply, yoga feels really good. And feeling good should be shared with your loved ones. Zen offers FAMILY YOGA PRIVATES $50 per family and full use of the aerial silks for one hour!

Zen Family Yoga

21 Arch Street, studio B

Ramsey, NJ

Text Shari: (917)626-7071

Teen Camp!!